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It appears that I got a little too much upon my plate when gaining RfE to my fold of groups everyone. I am sincerely sorry about all the inactivity.

Fortunately, this does appear to come with a slight advantage. I have a general idea of what sort of folders are being used, and will shortly be deleting likely one and taking two very unpopular deviant types and meshing these two into a single folder due to its unpopular status.
Hope this comes as a little something of interest to some people.


We are currently looking for new staff members! If you think that you can commit to even our simplest job tasks, we would love to hear from you! Currently we have yet to fully designate jobs for the staff already on board because of inactivity but you're welcome to try joining our ranks. Please look here for more information.


  • Our first 'reboot' contest. We need ideas, people! If you'd also like to give a little shout out and offer up some prize ideas you may be willing to offer, we wouldn't mind hearing that either. I'll probably log what you're offering somewhere and contact you to see if you're still willing to offer said prize(s) once our contest launches.
  • What you guys believe is still in need of tweaking and fixing up. :thumbsup:

Upcoming Events:

  • We'll be trying to join in on thorns wonderful Word Wars. If you're not sure what this is, please direct yourself to the rules here. Obviously we are not active enough as of yet to really jump in the bandwagon, so this will be 'delayed' until we've got enough people around and willing to participate.
  • We'll be fixing up the chatroom that inknalcohol kindly handed off for our groups use. This will mainly be used for contests, critic corners, discussion, and as a possible future partner communication hub for community collaboration projects.

  • Be A Critic

    Our very own Co-Founder inknalcohol is holding a very unique sort of contest. The entire idea behind this contest is something that writers crave to have: a healthy, constructive critic. If you're interested in gaining some :points: and a possible critic for yourself for giving someone else a useful comment, hop on over to Be A Critic Volume 1.
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Submitted on
November 6, 2012